Dr Maulana Abdul Qadir Al-Qadiry – Shariah & Muamalah

More than 30 years experiences in shariah advisory & consultation.

Dato’ (Dr.) Rosdi Arifin – Strategic Advisor | Business Development 

More 20 years of experience in various business development exercises including but not limited to real estate development, land development, products development, and corporate products development. He is also an expert in building and recruiting more than 5000 entrepreneurs throughout the nation.

Nizam Amin – Legal, Risk & Compliance

Almost 20 years in legal & corporate compliance activities.

Dr Selamat Masom – Principal Advisor I R&D and Plant Nutrition

More than 40 years in R&D and tree nutrition.

Shezz Danial – Senior Advisor | Business Development

More than 15 years in various sales & marketing of investment products.

Yusof Daud – Senior Advisor | Strategic Sale & Marketing

More than 25 years in F&B product-development.

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